A Retreat for Your Soul

Welcome to La Luna Soul Spa

Why the name La Luna Soul Spa? Luna means “moon.” As the moon possesses feminine energy and there are 13 lunar cycles in a year (13 is the number of the goddess) we felt it was appropriate, for we recognize your divinity and specialize in assisting you nourish and balance your emotional, physical & spiritual bodies.

Where everyone is welcome, we assist with finding comfort and healing not only on the surface but on a soul level while encouraging happiness & rejuvenation.

Owner Shannyn Chambers opened the door to her first company; Be Still – A Holistic Alternative in 2007. After finding their permanent location in September 2008 she has worked very hard to create a space filled with love and acceptance. Changing the name to La Luna Soul Spa for January 2013 & taking a business partner for two years she is once again the sole proprietor and couldn’t be happier or more grateful for all of the life experiences over the course of her business journey.

La Luna Soul Spa believes in women supporting women. Check out Artist Betty Paz in the about section; we proudly display pieces of her artwork throughout the shop.

La Luna Soul Spa, where every body is welcome.



Mon-Fri: 10am – 8pm
Sat: 10am – 4pm

Children are a blessing, and they always keep things fun,
But La Luna is a soul spa to be enjoyed by everyone.

We ask you to leave your kids at home, to be cute be loud and play,
Here at La Luna Soul Spa we want everyone to relax & enjoy their stay.