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Receipts issued and available for reimbursement (but not limited) to: Great West Life, Chambers of Commerce, Claim Secure, Sirius Health Benefits, Green Shield and Manulife. No Blue Cross with Shannyn, we apologize for any inconvenience.

All massage services provided by a Registered Massage Therapist

All Massage Therapy, Hawaiian Bodywork and Reiki treatments are now offered from within Kramp Chriopractic!


Lomi Lomi
60-90 mins: $90
A luxurious relaxation massage originally designed for royalty. For times of great change in life.

Huna Kane
90-120 mins: $90
Designed to release negative patterns and to reframe with positivity. To assist with overcoming obstacles.

Also available on Sundays by request

Traditional / Remedial

30 mins: $55
45 mins: $65
60 mins: $75
90 mins: $115


30 min: $30
45 min: $40
60 min: $50

2 Hour Combo

1 hour Massage & 1 hour Reiki

Chakra Balancing

(done with Crystals & Stones)
10 -20 min: $15



Available in home only

A gentle, positive way to communicate with your guides, angels, and the Universe, to confirm or affirm any thought or idea regarding any person , situation or question that you may have at this time during your journey.

30 min (for up to 3 people): $35
60 min (for up to 2 people): $60

Larger Groups

(3-7 People): 20 min: $25

Mandala Art Readings

Through a creative process which includes meditation, drawing, painting and writing, Betty Paz creates a unique piece that reflects who you are.

Mandala Art Reading $125
(includes artwork, reading information and session)